Examination Management Services

Services offered by LTC

We provide a secure, independent, end-to-end examination management service for our customers

Our examinations can be anything from one candidate upwards (currently our largest examination is over 5000 candidates at one time)

Although the majority of the exams we run are in Australia and NZ, we can provide our service globally

The main components of an end-to-end examination management service are:

  • Provision of venues
  • Provision of invigilation staff
  • Provision of examination furniture and equipment
  • Catering for individuals with special testing requirements
  • Providing management oversight of examination process
  • Providing a single point of contact throughout the examination process
  • Receipt, stocktake and dispatch of examination materials
  • Security and accountability for examination materials

We tailor examination processes to fit each customer’s individual requirements

Currently our customers have required paper based testing, however we are geared up to work with customer who wish to explore computer based testing too