FAQ’s: Institutions/organisations/businesses

Where are LTC venues?
  • LTC use a variety of venues around the globe for examination invigilation. Examination venues are chosen on their ability to meet the following criteria; good lighting, quiet, suitable capacity, locality and ease of access.
Operating hours
  • LTC’s head office (Sydney) is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. 
Exams can be accommodated outside of working hours, including evenings and on weekends.
Who are our invigilators?
  • LTC staff are all trained and experienced invigilators. Most LTC staff have over 5 years experience. With a large client base, our staff have a broad range of experience. Staff are well versed in all aspects of examination services.
Can our institutional policies and procedures be applied at LTC test centres?
  • LTC staff are trained to follow and adapt to the unique processes and policies of each of our clients. LTC does however have minimum standards in order to protect our staff and ensure they can operate at the high level of service that is expected.
Does LTC offer computer based testing?
  • Although our major focus is pen and paper, LTC offers small scale computer based testing (under 10 candidates per session). Please contact us if you are interested in conducting large scale computer based testing, we are happy to explore avenues to assist you.
How do I book examinations with LTC?
Provision of examination material
  • Exam materials can be supplied electronically or in hard copy.
  • Hard copy materials can be sent by post or courier.
  • Post address: 
PO Box 341, Glebe NSW 2037 Australia
Courier address
  • LTC Language & Testing Consultants
    Level 3, Wentworth Park Stand
    Wentworth Park Stand
    Wentworth Park Sporting Complex
    Wattle Street entrance, Ultimo
    Sydney NSW 2007 Australia
Return of examination material
  • LTC will follow your instruction for the return of completed materials.
  • LTC can also arrange for the secure courier collection and return of materials, based on your requirements. 
Copies of completed materials can be sent electronically, please advise if you require this service.
Can LTC accommodate special condition examination accommodations?
  • LTC test venues and staff are well equipped to handle special condition requests. Common requests include; additional time, rest breaks, alternative equipment (standing desk, ergonomic chair), private rooms, computer/laptop, scribe, reader, larger font examination paper etc.

FAQ’S: Candidates

Operating hours
  • LTC’s head office (Sydney) is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Exams can be accommodated outside of working hours, including evenings and on weekends.
Where is my examination?
  • LTC operate in multiple locations across the globe. Please check with your institution for your local examination venue details. Please note it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the venue address and transportation options before the day of your examination to ensure that you arrive on time.
Is there car parking onsite?
  • LTC’s dedicated testing site in Sydney has onsite paid parking. We aim to secure test sites with parking at our other locations where possible. Please check local sites for parking availability at your allocated test centre.
Which room is my examination in?
  • If your University has not listed the examination room, please go to the venue and speak with reception staff who will guide you to your room.
What time does my examination start?
  • LTC utilises standard start times of 9:20 am for morning examinations; and 2:00pm for afternoon examinations.
  • Please check ALL correspondence from your institution and LTC to ensure that you have the correct start time. Be aware that changes can be made to examination timings as institutions update their schedules. You should therefore re-check your details the day before your examination.
What time should I arrive to my examination?
  • Please ARRIVE 30 to 45 minutes prior to the commencement of reading time.
What should I bring to my examination?
  • Each institution has different permissible and prohibited items. Check your institution’s guidelines before the day of your examination for clear directions on what to bring.
  • As a general rule we recommend that you come prepared with writing utensils, eraser, identification and examination entry/admission letter (if applicable).
Will I be allowed to sit my examination if I arrive late?
  • Each institution has a cut-off time, after which late arrivals will not be allowed to enter the examination venue. Please read all instructions from your institute regarding late arrival and cut off times. LTC staff are required to enforce late arrival and cut off procedures, exceptions cannot be made.
What if I am sick on examination day?
  • If you are not well on examination day and are unable to attend your examination, please contact your institute.
  • If you attend your examination and feel too unwell to commence or continue, let a supervisor know. We will ensure that the correct documentation is submitted to your institution.
What if I am stressed or anxious examination day?
  • Most candidates feel stressed or anxious before an examination. If you are feeling especially stressed or anxious, speak with the supervisor before the exam. Our staff are understanding and will do what they can to assist and guide you.
Why do I have to turn my phone/smart watch and other electronic equipment off on entry to examination venues?
  • We require all candidates to turn off their mobile phones and other signal transmitting devices to ensure the security of everyone’s examination is maintained. This is a non-negotiable condition of entry to LTC examination venues.
Exam day conduct
  • You are expected to follow the instructions of LTC staff and examination invigilators whilst onsite for the examination. Although examinations can be stressful, aggressive or intimidating behaviour is not considered acceptable.
Is there food and drink available for purchase at the examination venue?
  • Some examination venues have food and drink vendors onsite. There are cafes and shops in the area around LTC testing centre in Sydney. If you are not sitting in Sydney, please check your local venue for details. Water is available in all of our exam rooms.
Can I eat and drink while sitting my examination?
  • As a general rule you will be allowed to bring in a clear bottle of water into your examination.
  • Some institutions allow small amounts of food. Check with your institution prior to examination day regarding permitted items in the examination.
  • Candidates with approved special conditions may be allowed to bring in food if it is included on their plan.
Do I need to arrange for special conditions prior to my examination day?
  • Yes, you need to apply for special conditions with your institution before your examination. LTC may not be able to accommodate your requirements without prior confirmation from your institute.
Can my family member or friend come into the exam centre with me?
  • Due to the high security of all examination papers, only candidates sitting an exam can gain access to the examination venue.
Can I borrow any equipment if I forget to bring mine?
  • Unfortunately we are not able to lend writing exam equipment to candidates, this includes calculators.