Case Studies

Major regional university

They had previously conducted their Sydney based examinations at their Sydney campus in Sydney CBD. Client was advised by the building manager of their Sydney Campus that immediate construction work was required on the building, impacting two major exam periods in 2015 and 2016.

Approximately one month prior to the first exam session starting, the client approached LTC for assistance for the 2 affected exam periods.

  • LTC were able to provide a cost effective examination venue at our dedicated exam centre in Sydney.
  • LTC invigilation staff were trained in the university’s policies and procedures.
  • Adjustments to LTC standard processes, including start times and ID processes were made to meet the university’s requirements.
  • The 2015 and 2016 examination sessions were successful and all subsequent Sydney examinations have been held at LTC since.
  • The University has recently added an additional campus in Sydney and requested LTC’s services managing the exams at this site also.

Decentralised university with multiple campuses across Australia

Requested assistance running their on campus written examination periods at the external sites to ensure continuity in examination policy and procedure across all sites. The university’s central administration approached LTC for assistance running their on campus examinations in Sydney, then Melbourne and finally Brisbane.

  • LTC appointed a chief supervisor for each location and engaged skilled staff to assist.
  • Logistics manage the hire and installation of appropriate examination furniture where required.
  • Chief supervisors and administration team prepare all exam materials on site prior to exam session.
  • LTC staff work at each campus site throughout the examination period ensuring that all processes are followed as required and to administer the despatch of completed papers to the university’s head office.

Online university

institution with no campus, the institution was having difficulty managing 5000+ pen and paper examinations. The university staff were spending valuable time sourcing and hiring venues and equipment, recruiting training and managing invigilation staff, and managing the logistics of dispatch and return of examination materials to many locations. Further challenges were presented with the university’s flexible learning model, allowing candidates a great deal of flexibility in regard to when, where and how they wished to sit their examination. In practice this translated to lots of last minute changes to exam timetables, candidates with unique exam sitting requirements, and many deferred/alternative exam sittings.

  • LTC has dedicated full-time Examination Logistics and Examination Management teams who have the information and contacts for managing the type of requirements that this university has and were therefore able to offer services to assist with all of the challenges faced
  • All major sites across Australia are now managed by LTC.
  • LTC book and manage venues at each location, facilitate examination furniture hire, delivery and set up, and create floor plans to ensure that all venues are set to exact examination requirements.
  • A dedicated LTC chief supervisor and experienced invigilation staff have been employed at each location.
  • All stocktake of materials is handled by LTC staff at each location.
  • LTC are able to ensure that all examination sites are run to the university’s processes, with contingency for the flexible nature of the university’s requirements.