Language & Testing Consultants - Sydney, Australia

Examination Management

LTC provides examination management services throughout Australia for groups ranging from 1 to 2,500 students per sitting. We are based in Sydney and have delivered examinations in a variety of locations both within Australia and overseas. All examination centres have been inspected and approved to ensure they conform to strict lighting, climate and acoustic control, examination furniture and student access requirements. The invigilator/proctor staff are trained and experienced with chief supervisors being present at all examinations.


All examinations are centrally administered from our Sydney office. Our examination management service includes inventory of examination materials upon receipt, storage and delivery/collection of examination materials to/from venue under secure conditions, booking examination venues, training and scheduling of invigilators, supervising examination furniture setup if required, paying invigilator/supervisor wages, liaison with examination venue staff, liaison with client both before and during examinations if required, secure return despatch of completed examination materials to client, telephone/fax costs.
LTC management fee is established following consultation with the client on the type of service required and invoices clients upon completion of examination period.

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